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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is Polkraft Builders licensed, bonded and insured?

A: Yes, we carry a General Contractor’s License for projects with costs up to half a million dollars, and obtain licenses and bonds where municipally required. We carry three million dollars of General Liability and one million dollars of Workers Compensation.
Q: What are the steps in the construction process?
A: First, we ask you to contact our office (contact info.); then we will discuss the project and if necessary schedule on site appointment at your convenience.


During the meeting, we discuss and collect all curial project information in order to prepare a written budget and project agreement.


The second step is the contract presentation and signing of the documents as to the agreements reached; these documents will include specifications of work to be done, a list of materials and a payment schedule. A Polkraft Builders’ representative and legal property owner must sign these documents.


All necessary permits must be obtained before any material is ordered or work can be started.


Once permit/s are issued, materials are ordered and work is scheduled.


The project schedules are determined by labor and materials availability and payments made as specified by the contract.


Upon project completion, an inspection is done and final payment is made as agreed to in the contract.

Q: Who is in charge of the project management and supervision?


A: There is manager assigned to each project that will coordinate and be responsible for insuring the project runs as smoothly as possible, on time and in professional manner according to standard practices and project specifications.


Q: Do you provide a warranty?


A: Yes, with our highly trained and experienced craftsmanship and with quality products, we’re able to provide an unconditional limited guarantee on labor (from one year and up to five years) and manufactures warranties on materials provided by our company.


Q: Can you help me with design of my project?


A: Yes, we assist our customers with their projects by providing ideas, material samples, flyers, shop drawings and recommendations for professional architectural and interior design specialists.

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